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License free Stock Footage in HD, 4K up to 6K

  • Cities: Frankfurt, Rio, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, Jerusalem, Nairobi, Beijing, Venice, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London, Cologne, Stockholm, Boston, Miami, Sao Paulo, Lissabon, Kuala Lumpur and many more!

  • Aerial & Drone shots: Skylines, Landscapes, Architecture, Buildings, Summer, Winter

  • Nature: Flowers, Trees, Forest, Ocean, Rain, Sky, Sunrise, Agriculture, Desert, Mountains, Fire

  • Animals:Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects

  • Traffic:Road Traffic, Shipping, Air Traffic, Rail Transport, Logistics

  • Sports:Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Equestrianism, Aquatics, Fitness, Water Sport, Extreme Sport, Mental Exercise, Running, Motorsport, Ice Hockey, Skill Sport

  • People:Famous, Women, Men, Young People, Old People, Children, Babies, Events & Nightlife, Crowds, Everyday Life, Games & Spare Time, Traveling, Body Parts, Medicine, Professions

  • Food & Drinks
  • Architecture:Modern Buildings, Historical Buildings, Skyscraper, Bridges

  • Business:Exchange, Money, Currencies, Industry, Assembly, Logistics, Office, Meetings, Conferences

  • Culture:Music, Cinema, Art, Theatre

  • Technology:Wind Power, Energy, Electricity, Logistics, Industry, Assembly, Buildings, Electronics, Computer, Machines, Robots, Communication, Media, Events, Construction

  • Animations & Artificial stuff | Timelapse / Slow motion

Prices on Request

  • HD 720:49 € (incl. vat 52,43 €)
  • HD 1080:79 € (incl. vat 84,53 €)
  • UHD:249 € (incl. vat 266,43 €)
  • UHD: (incl. vat 266,43 €)